Upstream Energy Solutions

Expert Solutions for Efficient and Sustainable Operations

By combining our extensive upstream industry knowledge with a commitment to delivering tailored, comprehensive solutions, we provide the support and expertise you need to overcome challenges and drive success.

We have the resources, multidisciplinary experience, and proven integrated capabilities to bring exceptional value to your operations.

Our Upstream Expertise

At PERC Engineering, we specialize in a variety of upstream oil and gas engineering projects, including:

  • Flow and Gathering Pipelines
  • Produced Water Handling
  • Repeatable Well Pad Facilities Design
  • Salt Water Disposal Facilities
  • Stabilization
  • Tank Batteries
  • Third-Party Well Connects

Featured Upstream Projects

Helix Producer 1 Control System Upgrade

FEED, Detailed engineering, procurement and PLC/SCADA programming services to upgrade the control system on the HP-1 floating production vessel. Major scope items included upgrading of all major PLC and communications equipment throughout the process and safety systems, migrating to a virtual server environment, and redesigning the control room for more viewing options and better ergonomics

Pioneer Natural Resources

  • Onshore South Wolfcamp Asset
  • 25 production/tank battery facilities
  • Develop standard process packages
  • Develop standard tank battery design
  • Utilize pre-fabricated modules
  • Project management
  • Develop PLC-based control system