Onshore & Offshore Facilities Services

Accelerate Schedules, Reduce Interface Points, and Maximize Design Consistency

PERC’s experience with production facilities range from minimal facilities to large production and treating systems. From the initial inception of our client's projects to successful completion, our team will quickly develop unique and innovative solutions to their challenging problems, finding necessary alternatives through design development. 

Our teams have substantial experience will all phases of the processes which include oil/gas/water separation, oil and gas heating, glycol dehydration, gas dew point and BTU control, amine treating, oil dehydration, condensate coalescers, gas compression and water treating.

PERC’s extensive expertise enables our clients to accelerate schedules, reduce interface points, and allow for consistency in design.

Facilities Services Include:

  • As-Built Surveys
  • BESE Compliance Support and Audits
  • Construction Support
  • Cost Estimating
  • Detailed and Conceptual
  • Feasibility Studies
  • FEED
  • Field Optimization and Debottlenecking
  • HAZOP Facilitation
  • Operations Troubleshooting
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing and Expediting
  • Start-Up and Commissioning

Process Expertise:

  • Gas Compression
  • Gas Dehydration
  • Gas Treating
  • Oil and Gas Metering
  • Oil Treating
  • Pump Stations
  • Separation
  • Sour Gas Sweetening
  • Storage Facilities
  • Water Treating

Projects Types:

  • Barge Mounted Production Facilities
  • Facilities
  • Floating Production Facilities
  • Inland Water Production Facilities
  • Manned Production Facilities
  • Minimal Unmanned Offshore and Onshore
  • Onshore Production Facilities
  • Pump and Compression Stations
  • Tank Batteries
  • Water Treating

Offshore structural Services

PERC Structural Services Include All Aspects of Structural Design

In the offshore platform arena, experience includes minimal, conventional and salvaged offshore platforms, as well as deck modifications, compressor additions and platform repairs.

Platform design types include Production Platforms, Drilling Platforms, Minimal Wellhead or Well Protector Platforms and Braced Caissons, Tapered Caissons, and Caissons.

Land-based operations include the design of equipment and building foundations, tank foundations, ringwall design, pipe supports, retaining walls, drainage, and small buildings.

Structural Services Include:

  • Conductor Additions
  • Helideck Design
  • Loading Terminal Design
  • Minimal Platform Design
  • Platform Corrosion Assessment, Design and Repair
  • Platform Damage Assessment, Design and Repair
  • Platform Design
  • Steel Catenary Riser (SCR) Anchor Clamp Design
  • Structural Skid Design
  • Compressor Vibration Analysis and Stiffening Design
  • Equipment Transportation and Tie-Down Design
  • Jacket Flotation and Upending Analysis
  • Lift Analysis and Padeye Design and Design Check
  • Platform Abandonment Engineering Support
  • Platform Reassessment
  • Subsea Equipment Protection Structure Design
  • Subsea PLES/PLEM and Manifold Design
  • Suction Anchor and Suction Pile Foundation Design
  • Deepwater Pipeline and Riser Installation Design and Support
  • Foundation Design, Onshore and Offshore
  • FPSO Support Framing for Production Equipment
  • Hull Strengthening Design
  • MODU Production Module Design
  • Pipe Supports and Equipment Supports
  • Subsea Jumper Installation Design and Support
  • Subsea Structure Installation Design and Support
  • Vessel Appurtenance Design