Offshore Energy Solutions

Your Trusted Offshore Engineering Partner

At PERC Engineering, we strive to deliver innovative and reliable engineering solutions specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the offshore energy industry.

Combining our extensive expertise with a deep understanding of your operational needs, we provide end-to-end support to help you navigate the complexities of even the most challenging offshore projects.

Featured Offshore Projects

Noble Energy – Leviathan

  • Offshore and Onshore Israel
  • Approx. 250 km of pipelines
  • 110km umbilical
  • Direct pipe shore approach

Engineering, project management & inspection from concept through commissioning:

  • Onshore Facilities
  • Export Pipeline
  • Subsea Pipelines (PM only)
  • Subsea Controls
  • Regulatory Support

Helix Producer 1 Control System Upgrade

FEED, Detailed engineering, procurement and PLC/SCADA programming services to upgrade the control system on the HP-1 floating production vessel. Major scope items included upgrading of all major PLC and communications equipment throughout the process and safety systems, migrating to a virtual server environment, and redesigning the control room for more viewing options and better ergonomics

CFE/Sagmag Export Pipeline

  • Offshore US and Mexico
  • First offshore export from US
  • 555 km, 42 ” pipeline
  • Project management and detailed engineering

Experience the PERC Difference

Tailored, Client-Centric


We understand that every offshore project is unique, which is why we adopt a client-focused approach that prioritizes your specific requirements. By closely collaborating with you and your stakeholders, we develop customized solutions that align with your goals and objectives, delivering optimal results and maximized returns on investment.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety & Sustainability

In the offshore energy industry, safety and sustainability are of paramount importance. At PERC Engineering, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, continuously prioritizing safety and minimizing environmental impact. Our solutions incorporate the latest industry best practices, technologies, and regulations to protect your assets, personnel, and the environment.

A Comprehensive Service


Our extensive range of services, combined with our growing team of skilled engineers and project managers, enables us to take on even the most complex energy projects. From smaller initiatives to large-scale developments, we have the experience and resources to tackle any challenge, ensuring success for clients of all sizes.