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Successfully steering complex projects from concept to completion, PERC helps the energy industry solve their toughest challenges.

  • Onshore Projects

  • Offshore Projects

Lapis Energy – Carbon Capture & Sequester

  • Capture 400,000 tons per annum of CO2 from existing Ammonia Plant in South Arkansas
  • Concept and pre-FEED Engineering and Design for process facilities
  • Support client regarding required documentation for Class VI injection well permit.
  • Preliminary specification of primary process equipment
  • Interface with Plant Operations for selection of suitable site within existing facility
  • Interface with Plant Operations for CO2 and utilities tie-ins to existing systems
  • Develop Order of Magnitude Project Cost Estimate and Schedule

Energy Transfer Standard Compressor Modular Design

  • JAL, New Mexico
  • Process equipment including Slug Catcher, Fuel Gas Package, NGL Vessel Package, 3PH
  • Separator Package, Filter Separator Package, HP & LP condensate pump packages
    (4) 3608 Cat Compressors, designed for six units when fully built out
  • Modular-rapid deployable process, header and compressor racks
  • Standard layout and design to fit Energy Transfers installation and station relocation of facilities.

Energy Transfer Ozona Turbine Compressor Station

  • Ozona, TX
  • Replace existing 50 year old turbine compressors along the Oasis Pipeline
  • Two (2) each Solar Taurus 70S Booster compressors, two (2) each gas coolers, fuel gas scrubber package, back up generator, silencers, vent stack, storage tanks and instrument air package
  • Facility processes 950 MMSCFD at 930 PSIG
  • Process, mechanical, piping, civil and structural design
  • Tie-ins to existing 30” pipeline.

Laredo Petroleum Intermediate Corridors

  • Reagan Co., TX
  • Oil, sales gas, lift gas, fuel gas, and water pipelines
  • Pick up leases and transport to CTBs, lift compression, and SWDs
  • Project management and detailed engineering
  • Route Selection, sizing, configuration, procurement assistance, commissioning, start-up, as-built, and operation support

Energy Transfer

  • Pipeline encroachment projects (TxDOT, etc)
  • Conflict investigation
  • Preparation of project cost basis, detailed engineering and design
  • Bid process and construction
  • Job book preparation

Pioneer Natural Resources

  • Onshore South Wolfcamp Asset
  • 25 production/tank battery facilities
  • Develop standard process packages
  • Develop standard tank battery design
  • Utilize pre-fabricated modules
  • Project management
  • Develop PLC-based control system

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