Offshore Pipeline

PERC offers experience with the design and construction of offshore oil and gas pipelines. From feasibility studies through to commissioning, PERC’s personnel have experience with shallow and deep water projects.

Permitting and coordination of pipelines with governmental authorities can be handled by PERC personnel. Project specific material specifications are developed and are tailored to the governing design code and special requirements of the individual projects.

The pre-commissioning and commissioning for pipeline projects can be planned and coordinated, which would include flooding, gauging, hydrostatic testing, dewatering, purging and introduction of product. Specifications and procedures required for all of these activities can also be developed for clients.

Services include:

  •  FEED
  • Detail Design
  • Material Selection
  • Project Management
  • Construction surveillance
  • Commissioning

Permitting and Interfacing:

  • Authorities interfacing
  • Third Party interfacing
  • Lease term permitting
  • Right of way permitting

Global Design Experience:

  • ANSI B 31.4 / B 31.8
  • DNV
  • PD 8010
  • API RP 1111
  • 30 CFR 250 / 49 CFR 192 / 195

Pipeline Design:

  • Flow assurance
  • Cathodic protection design
  • Pipeline routing
  • Bottom roughness analyses
  • On-bottom stability
  • Landfalls
  • Tie-ins
  • Risers (rigid and flexible)