Onshore Survey

PERC offers Geographic Information System (GIS) services for onshore oil, gas, and water pipelines and facilities. Project experience includes work throughout North America.

Services include:

  • Oil and Gas Surveying – Preliminary Routing, Constructability, Mapping, Documentation for Sites & Easements, Construction Layout and Support, As-Built Location and Documentation
    • Pipelines and Facilities
    • Well / Unit Plats for Production

Experience: Seasoned Staff that has worked together for 10+ years on projects for EnLink Midstream, Crosstex Energy Services, Chevron, Apache, Medallion Midstream, Devon Gas Services, Enterprise, and Chesapeake Energy.

  • Civil Surveying & Design – Topographic & Planimetric Surveying, Utility Location, Subdivision Layout, Tree Surveys, Drainage Studies, and Utility Staking
    • Site Plans
    • Contour Maps
    • Final Plats

Experience: Core team members with extensive knowledge in Planning and Development processes in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, College Station, Arlington, and Denton Texas.

  • Boundary Surveying – Title Surveys for Residential Properties, Alta Surveys for Commercial Properties, Property Boundaries, and Subdivisions for Development
    • Plats and/or Legal Descriptions for properties

Experience: Core team members with background experience both in the field and in the office at performing boundary surveys for Tracts & Parcels of all sizes.

  • Highway and R.O.W. Surveying – Roadway Improvement and Design Surveys for Existing and Proposed Projects.
    • Strip Maps & Plats

Experience: TXDOT improvement projects in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and College Station


In our short history, PERC’s Survey Team has…

  • Developed a process to integrate and merge as-built data collected from Survey and Inspection groups to generate horizontal positions for all underground weld locations saving time and reducing as-built survey cost by up to 90%
  • Developed Forms for Inspection to convert different formats used by inspection teams to a standard format to meet the requirements spelled out in Constructions Standards for several Midstream Companies
  • Developed and Set standards for survey procedures, gathering of data, and documentation for EnLink Midstream developing forms, checklists, data dictionaries, formatted tables, and Templates to insure consistent final products
  • Developed process to improve automation of drafting to reduce errors in generating bore profile design plans.